Why Outsourcing Is a Great Way to Grow Your Small Business

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CEO burnout. Overwhelm. Attempts to “do it all.” A company may not necessarily want to hire new team members right now. Outsourcing might be the best option.  



Focusing on Core Business & Outsourcing the Rest


Outsourcing certain jobs can be quite effective in preventing the most common pain points of smaller and even larger companies. And it can start right from the beginning, with jobs like virtual assisting, to get a new company off the ground. Data entry is a commonly outsourced task. But it can even be more significant. A company may hire an executive-level CFO to make sure their accounts department is running smoothly, or outsource IT tasks. All of these options free a company up to focus on core competencies and, ideally, their clients. 


Another plus is that talent can come from virtually anywhere; there is no geographical limit. The best contractor for the job you need may be in Switzerland while you sit in Los Angeles. Companies can hire the best possible contractor for the job without having to consider the location. It can also be more cost-effective as there are no in-house expenses involved. By freeing up essential resources, companies can do the work they originally set out to do. 



Proceeding With Caution


There’s a time and a place for outsourcing, but proceed with caution. First, ask personal contacts for suggestions of contractors they have used in the past. It may be risky to branch out to a contractor you have no connection to initially. Asking the critical questions upfront can avoid a wrong fit. For example, a ColdFusion developer will be able to answer questions effectively about ColdFusion. If they can’t, it’s best to look elsewhere. 


Suppose a contractor tries to limit access to files or is otherwise taking excess control of a project. In that case, it may be time to part ways and find an alternative solution. Whenever a company outsources a project of any size, there is inevitably a loss of control, even if it’s minimal. Project management can keep a close eye on outsourced projects so that companies can maintain their standard practices. Outsourcing to an established company with a positive track record is a safe bet. 


As far as maintaining company culture, it’s essential to reiterate to employees that they’re not replaced or their jobs put at risk. Outsourcing allows your existing employees to do the tasks they are most skilled at while allowing someone else to take away the burden of extra work. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

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