Social Compass.

Social Compass is a SaaS platform that uses automated marketing tools to help businesses reach their target audiences through social media.

Project Summary

Powerful, complex, and wide-reaching, the Social Compass app allows user to manage their marketing through automation, improving efficiency and accuracy.

The biggest challenge for this project was to design a simple, clean and modern user interface while preserving the powerful job search functionality already baked into the site.

The RSVP system allows users to easily indicate which offers and events they are interested in being a part of.

The Social Compass app was developed to handle a number of needs: from private messages, information streams, blogs, reports, and even a training module.

This area of the system allows admins to observe and respond to their entire client list, with a built-in email, comment, and post tracking system.

The app also has a messaging system with discussion threads, an archive feature, and many more.

The application allows administrators and account managers a way to keep up with their clients' updates, track their output against pre-determined rates, as well as measure these against certain points in time, such as the current month, the past month, and all-time.

Not only does the system keep track of your generated prospects, but it gives you a detailed breakdown of your prospect generation score, as well as your performance and your client's generated prospects as well.

The Social Compass app also lets you view each of your client's dashboard and contact information, as well as their blog posts and performance breakdown.

Keyword Monitoring.

The Social Compass app gives you the ability to monitor your streams by adding keywords.



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