How to Use Images to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rates

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If you have an ecommerce website, there is no doubt that you want a higher conversion rate as new visitors come to your website. You’ve invested time into adding products, written many item descriptions, entered all of your product options, but traffic isn’t converting the way you’d like. There is likely one important thing that you are unwittingly overlooking. Product images are more important than you realize, and can help you improve your ecommerce conversion rates.

Product Images Matter

In another insightful article from Baymard, the leader of UX research, their team found some statistics that might surprise you!

They’ve discovered that website visitors rely so heavily on images, that 56% of desktop users begin looking at website images on a product page before doing anything else. [1]

When a product page has just 1 or 2 images, the shopper tends to feel there is not enough information on the product, regardless of the written description and accompanying details.

How many images should you show?

If 1 or 2 images isn’t enough to instill confidence in a buyer, how many images should you show? Baymard recommends having 3-5 images for every product. Not only that, but they also outline the types of images you should be using. Each images type serves a specific purpose in converting a user.

Choosing the right images

There are three types of images that you should be including for each item on your website.

1. Showing images “In Scale”

The first type of product image you need is an image that shows close up detail of the item. This image allows the user to sort of zoom in on the item, and “see it up close”. Amazon tends to do this well.
Without physically being able to touch the items, having an image that shows the detail of the item at scale is the next best thing.

2. Images that highlight the features

They say an image is worth a thousand words. This could not be more true when it comes to an ecommerce website. Adding images that highlight the features of your product allow them to “see it in action” from the comfort of their screen.
Of course, all of the info provided in this image is ALSO in the product description. Either way, users are far more likely to quickly glance at the provided product images than they are to sit and read through the product description. This type of image is powerful for increasing conversions.

3. Images the show the item from a few angles

Providing images that allows users to view the item from a few different angles goes along with the first type of image, which shows the item at scale. By showing the item from a few different angles, the shopper is able to get more of a feel for the item, without physically holding it. Just as you would move the item around in your hands if you were holding it, product images can offer a similar experience.

Invest in high resolution images

If you’ve gone through all this trouble of building a website and posting your items, give the site a chance to succeed by providing high resolution images. Nothing is worse than clicking a product image and finding out that it is low resolution and does show the item well. Why should your customers care about the item if you don’t even care to provide a helpful image?


If you don’t currently have high resolution images of your items, find someone on your team that can create great looking images, or consider hiring a professional to do it. 


High resolution images that 1) show the item at scale, 2) highlight features of the item, and 3) show the item from multiple angles all allow a website visitor to buy with confidence. If you are looking to increase your website conversion rate, these types of images will go a long way towards making your ecommerce website a success.


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