JDC Entwine.

A new initiative of the JDC, Entwine aims to harness the collective power of the JDC community to improve the lives of people worldwide.

Project Summary

JDC Entwine is a movement of up and coming North American Jewish advocates, influencers and leaders, who, through AWARENESS, SERVICE and LEADERSHIP, create a lasting IMPACT on the global Jewish community.

JDC inspires the "next generation" to see Jewish collective responsibility as a call to action - to understand global Jewish peoplehood as something to take responsibility for, and not just participate in.

The New JDCEntwine.com

The new Entwine site will serve as the community’s hub: an easily-accessible source of information on upcoming events, activities, and the stories and experiences of those who joined.

New Features

The new Entwine site will also be one of, if not the main destination point for JDC members to extend assistance through donations.

By making the donation system easy to spot and access, members no longer need to spend time wondering on how to help – now all it takes is a single click.


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