Selective Wealth Management.

Selective Wealth Management is a capital management consultancy where the goal isn’t just to increase profit, but to also improve lives.

Project Summary

Designed to act as both an information hub and a tracking platform, the Selective Wealth Management (SWM) web application was a unique gem in a sea of dull and intimidating investment platforms.

The challenge was to transform an otherwise boring and tedious financial form into a creative and engaging experience.

Outdated Onboarding

Registration forms are some of the most common types of interactions that we come across on the web. Unfortunately, these are often designed in a way that facilitate the back-end process while ignoring the user’s experience.

The previous function-centric sign-up form

The New Approach

Modern users are both tech-savvy and spoiled for choice; thus, complex forms and experiences are increasingly being perceived as the result of the company’s lack of concern towards the user’s experience. This is why we rethought the way a registration process should work, and how we could make it more “human”.

The simplified registration only requires a basic set of details to get started.

Users choose their account type.

Users have multiple account choices that are clearly defined by the system.

As the user makes choices, the form builds upon itself to only request the information it needs.

Progress is continuously saved so a user can pick up where they left off at any point.

Attractive Data

One stand-out feature on the homepage of SWM allows prospective clients to see how much money they could have earned if they had trusted SWM with their investments. 

Making a Smart Investment

We are honored to work with Selective Wealth Management and help change the way their clients invest. Our focus has always been to deliver beautiful software experiences that work well and are enjoyable to use. This platform is yet another shining example of what we stand for.


“Epicenter is able to combine complex applications with beautiful first-class design. For high quality results, we strongly recommend the team at Epicenter.”


Chris Devlin, CEO Selective Wealth Management


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A Brand New Look

With the complete rebranding, it was time to address the design and usability issues of the main marketing homepage. We took time to ensure that each element was placed perfectly and created a user-centric design that provides all the information the client would want.

The addition of interactive elements such as viewing past performance of SWM was key to communicating their expertise. Potential clients are interested in this data therefore making it easy for them to find was vital.

Providing an easy way to access resources and information was one of the driving forces of our design. Here is an instance of how we created a tile layout for video resources on the homepage.

Layouts and design patterns that instill a sense of trust are important — especially with an investment company. People want to feel their money will be safe and taken care of.

Making sure the call-to-action buttons stand out properly and evoke the right message are important. Our goal was to get as many potential prospects in the door as possible.

Information Hub for Investors

After onboarding a new client, the SWM system provides the user with a wide array of features including information about their investments, company profiles, news and other resources.

SWM believes in empowering their customers through transparency; an aspect best illustrated by each user's “headquarters”. This is an area that provides an overview of their investments as well as access to additional details on each of the companies.

SWM also provides users with company-specific overviews, additional information and exclusive videos on each of the invested companies.


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