Who are the top voices in the Adobe ColdFusion Community?

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From legacy developers and battle-tested CTOs to innovative tech-focused social media masters, the ColdFusion community is increasingly representative of all corners of the tech universe. 

With such a vast range of backgrounds and experiences we thought it would be worthwhile to highlight some of the most creative thinkers, industry leaders and dynamic voices leading the ColdFusion conversation world wide.

  1. Ashudeep Sharma, Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe

Ashudeep is Computer Science graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, and brings over 13 years of professional experience to the table. His expertise encompasses various domains including Distributed Systems, Search, Query Engines, Data stores, Compilers, and Application Development. With a penchant for exploring novel design methodologies and cutting-edge technologies. Holding the position of Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe on the ColdFusion team, he has previously lent his skills to renowned companies like Flipkart, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Ashudeep’s journey commenced with the ColdFusion team, where he initially focused on ORM. Subsequently, he seized opportunities to contribute to diverse projects such as CFQuery, Advanced Language Constructs, Databases, and GraphQL. Outside of his professional endeavors, Ashudeep finds joy in sports like Cricket, Badminton, and Volleyball. He maintains an active lifestyle through workouts, occasionally indulges in light music, and enriches his mind by perusing Quora posts and experiences.

2. Mark Takata, ColdFusion Technical Evangelist at Adobe 

Mark has been a leading ColdFusion developer for 20+ years. His professional experience includes proficiency in 10 other languages & frameworks and a primary focus on ColdFusion, JavaScript, C#, SQL, JQuery, and UI/UX. Mark’s innovative approach to design and development has led to his current role as Technical Evangelist for Adobe ColdFusion.

3. Brian Klaas, Senior Technology Officer at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Teaching and Learning. 

As the architect for online learning technology at the School, he leads a team that designs and delivers custom online courseware to students and members of the public health workforce around the globe. In addition to designing software and delivering courses, Brian teaches graduate courses on communication design and online learning and leads faculty training and development. Brian has presented on software development and eLearning at conferences throughout the country, including jQuery US, dev.Objective(), CF Summit, NCDevCon, and Adobe MAX.

4. Brian Horkey, Application Analyst for UNC-Chapel Hill (Office of Research Information Systems). 

Brain considers himself an Information Engineer and specializes in providing solid and creative IT solutions. His background started with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois Springfield followed by attending UC Santa Cruz for Computer Engineering. He has worked for Apple Computers, started his own consulting company, and has been on consulting projects with Fortune 500 companies. For over 15 years Brian has been using Coldfusion to develop enterprise application solutions for the prestigious UNC-Chapel Hill research university.

5. Daniel Garcia, Senior Developer at Ortus Solutions

Daniel has worked with ColdFusion since 1999, is a Senior Developer at Ortus Solutions, helps co-host the Modernize or Die podcast, and is passionate about the ColdFusion language and community. Daniel’s podcast intends to take you behind the scenes in the ColdFusion community to talk with the leaders, to find out what they are doing to push the language forward, with tools, frameworks, modules, lessons, and best practices. His mantra is “work smarter, not harder” and “KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid).”

6. David Byers, CIO of Modloft | Certified Adobe ColdFusion Developer, Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner 

In their previous life, David was the promotions director for a rock radio station but chose to change careers in the 1990s and fell in love with development. 

For over 23 years, he has focused his expertise on the ColdFusion platform, developing software for many businesses ranging from small mom-and-pop shops to enterprises of over 900 employees. A former ColdFusion User Group manager, he has been a proponent of CFML, and regularly provides content to the ColdFusion Community Portal. He is currently the CIO of Modloft; a luxury e-commerce brand. 

David began their career in 2004 as Owner of Code Monkey Studios. In 2008, they worked as a Cold Fusion Developer for Shift 4 and a Sr. Cold Fusion Developer for Strand Marketing Inc. In 2010, they took on the role of Online Technology Manager for WGBH. From 2013 to 2014, they served as a Sr. Cold Fusion Developer for WebListers and Old Republic Home Protection. In 2016, they were a Sr. ColdFusion Developer for TrialSmith. From 2019 to 2021, they worked as Chief Technical Officer for Epicenter Consulting and Chief Information Officer for Modloft.

David Byers received a degree in Communication from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 1994 and from the American Computer Institute in 1993. David also holds certifications from Adobe as an Adobe ColdFusion Specialist, obtained in October 2019, and from Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner, acquired in April 2021.

7. Raymond Camden, Senior Developer Evangelist at Adobe

Rayman is an expert in developer evangelism and advocacy, web technologies, Jamstack, and more with a passion for teaching others. He has written about, and presented on, technologies for the past twenty years and enjoys helping others become passionate about the web as well. Raymond’s ideal role is as an evangelist/developer advocate where he can help others learn about new technologies and products.

Raymond writes at raymondcamden.com (approximately 300K page views per month) and other industry publications. He has authored (and contributed to) multiple books over the years and speaks at conferences around the world.

Who are the voices you follow in the ColdFusion Community? Let us know in the comments below.

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