ColdFusion 2020: Pre-release Version Now Available!

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It’s official. Adobe has brought ColdFusion’s latest release out of private beta and into the public beta testing phase. The pre-release version of ColdFusion 2020 is now available for download at

ColdFusion 2020: What’s New?

ColdFusion 2020, project name “Stratus” has a heavy focus on cloud infrastructure and microservices development. One of the overall goals of this release is to modernize ColdFusion as a java pre-parser and make it relevant for modern, scalable, enterprise class software development.

Adobe says this version of ColdFusion is “To be the modernized platform of choice for building cloud-native microservice applications with absolute focus on ease of use without getting locked to a particular cloud vendor (multi-cloud).” The release is designed to work seamlessly with cloud services running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, although support for other cloud computing vendors (such as Google Cloud) will be included in the future.

We’re looking forward to the exciting new changes to ColdFusion in ColdFusion 2020!

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