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Get the best of both worlds. With solutions by Epicenter, you can leverage the power of today’s standard platforms without throwing your ColdFusion investments down the drain. Contact us today or view our services below to get a head start on migrating, rewriting, or outsourcing your CFML application infrastructure.

We are Epicenter. 

 A strong team of programming experts, each with over 20 years of ColdFusion experience. We’re here to help you with all your ColdFusion needs, from migration to customized software development.

Whether you need help upgrading to the latest version of ColdFusion or migrating from it completely, we can help reoptimize your technology. Epicenter offers scalable solutions that allow you to enjoy cohesive, secure, and functional software applications.

Migration Services We Offer

ColdFusion to Client-Side Technology Migration

Speed Up and simplify your operations by migrating your technology and offloading the bulk of your server-side procesing.

ColdFusion to Server-Side Technology Migration

Reconfigure your platform to allow scalability and ease of use by letting Epicenter rewrite your application in a new standard Language.

Application Migration

Migrate your application to a new hardware infrastructure or move them to a new development language to streamline their function and create room for future innovation.

Website Migration

Improve ease of management and simplify the process of implementing new web applications by moving your site to a new infrastructure or converting it to a new standard language.

Database Migration

Funnel of your data into a new hardware infrastructure, database engine, or cloud storage solution to allow for better security and more flexibility.

API Enhancement

Strengthen connectivity between all of your applications for a faster operational experience.

Our Method

Understanding your Existing Software

Gaining comprehensive knowledge of your current software is the first step to a successful migration project, no matter the size. Together, we’ll examine your ColdFusion setup and pinpoint barriers that are hindering your operations. By understanding the strengths and flaws of your current setup, we’ll be better able to determine whether you’ll benefit from a ColdFusion upgrade or CFML alternatives.

Evaluating Prospective Technologies: Java, .net, PhP, Python, Drupal, and others

Interested in replacing ColdFusion, Lucee, or Railo completely? Together, we’ll look at CFML alternatives and select one that delivers the features you need to move your development projects forward, all while simplifying your operation. We help companies transition and acclimate to platforms with robust and advanced features, like Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Drupal, and others, as well as examining front end technologies like Vue, React, Angular, and more.

Assessing Your Software Goals

Is your legacy CFML software preventing you from scaling up? Are availability issues and a lack of support keeping your team from implementing new features to your app or website? Maybe you’re looking for ways to increase productivity while reducing your overhead costs. Whatever the case, we’ll design a strategy to provide you with a modernized operation that is unique to your needs.

Determining a Migration Path

We’ll work to find the best possible plan to modernize your applications. In some cases, rewriting your apps entirely in another language is necessary — but in others, modernizing your CFML tooling works to optimize your processes and save you money. Once we establish our migrational approach, the next step is implementation. We work closely with our clients to ensure open communication, high performance, and incredible flexibility.

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